Financially Helping The Families Of

Blue Collar Workers

When They Need It Most.

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Every Employee 18-59 yrs of age is eligible to recieve their

$5,000 Blue Collar Benefit

at no cost to them or their employer

Our Mission

Protect our nation's Blue-Collar workers who are the backbone of this country.

Our Vision

To cover over 500,000 Blue Collar workers every year.

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Find out more information on your employees receiving this benefit from the Blue Collar Task Force

The blue-collar task force was created to serve american's blue-collar workers

Every employee 18-59 yrs of age is eligible to recieve a $5,000 benefit at no-cost to the individual or to the employer.

We educate and inform Blue Collar workers of the "Exclusions" and "Restriction" often buried in the fine print of the majority of life insurance policies.

Our Task Force Coordinators are trained to administer these benefits to your employees efficiently.

The problem for blue-collar workers

Insurance policies contain an exclusion and restriction section that describes the conditions under which the company will deny payment. Due to the heavy regulation of OSHA Blue Collar workers can often find themselves balancing on the line of getting the job done and following strict protocols.


We want to stand up for the Blue Collar worker. Provide financial help so families do not suffer.


Protect our nation's Blue Collar workers who are the backbone of this country.


To cover over 500,000 Blue Collar workers every year.


How the blue collar task force works: two fold task


Our first task is to provide every Blue Collar employee 18-59 years of age in the country a $5,000 benefit at 100% no cost to the individual or the employer. It covers you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while working and while not working. God forbid something happens while on the job, the beneficiary will receive $5,000. Even if something happens while not at work, the beneficiary still receives $2,000 to help cover immediate expenses.

All expenses are covered for this benefit through donations to BCTF. These donations come from Businesses and Individuals who believe in what you do and want to show appreciation for what you do. It is the Blue Collar Task Force’s job to ensure you receive this benefit.

However, due to the cost of this benefit it is administered in a group setting at your employer. Here is the specific process we use to set up and administer our program.

Step 1

Initial 10-minute Briefing With Business Owner/Operator

Step 2

Set up schedule

We will construct the most efficient schedule based on your direction to ensure all staff receive the benefit.

Step 3

Serve your employees

Due to the cost of this benefit to the BCTF and its donors, we only ask one thing. That the benefit is administered in group settings.

Coverage with no exclusions

Our second task is to educate employees on what coverage they now have access to. We do this without any selling whatsoever. Our goal is to help in any way we can. If they need any additional coverage, we can do it. If they do not need it, great. Our purpose for being there is to make sure they have an opportunity to receive their free $5,000.00 benefit.

We operate differently on purpose. Contact Us to have one of our Blue Collar Task Force coordinators call you.